Sam Son city inaugurated a smart city operation center with the companion of Viettel

Saturday, 24/04/2021, 11:04 (GMT + 7)

On April 24, 2021, the People's Committee of Sam Son City in collaboration with Viettel to officially put the Smart City Operation Center into operation. Sam Son City is marking a new development step in the process of building e-Government and digital transformation of the city.

20210424 -Viettel - Samson TTDHTM

The intelligent operation center complies with the standards and guidelines of the Ministry of Information and Communications with 10 main items such as Smart operating center platform system; integrated 131 security cameras; 12 traffic cameras; Citizen reflection application; Information management application in cyberspace; Information security system; Disaster warning application; Intelligent fire alarm system; Integrating display on public administration applications, city tourism portal...

20210424 -Viettel - Samson TTDHTM -2-3
The smart city project of Sam Son City aims to innovate management,  administer the city's socio-economic development and the local innovation and development and strengthen the ability to meet people demands