The Academy of Education Management and Viettel announced strategic cooperation to promote digital transformation in education

Friday, 02/04/2021, 17:04 (GMT + 7)

Viettel accompanies the digital transformation process of the Academy of Education Management. The Academy of Education Management trains managers of general education institutions effectively thanks to Viettel LMS

On the afternoon of April 2, 2021, the Academy of Education Management (Education Management) and Viettel Business Solutions Corporation (Viettel Solutions) officially announced a strategic cooperation. This is an important event, affirming the determination of the Academy of Education Administration in pioneering the application of information technology in training and fostering activities for managers of general education institutions of 63. provinces across the country.


The strategic cooperation between Ho Chi Minh City and Viettel this time aims to form a model of regular, continuous, and on-the-spot training, developing the capacity of the management staff of the general education institution through building an Education ecosystem. Accordingly, Viettel and the Academy of Education Management will cooperate to deploy two main groups of solutions: Building a system of online learning lessons; and Implement online training for managers of general education institutions through the learning management system "Viettel SmartLMS" (Smart Learning Management System).

According to statistics, the country currently has more than 70,000 managers of general education institutions. In the year 2019 - 2020, performing the tasks assigned by the Ministry of Education and Training, the Academy of Education Management is the unit in charge of organizing training courses for more than 70,000 principals and vice-principals of general education institutions in the country nationwide. Thanks to the Viettel SmartLMS Learning System, the organization of training courses on a large scale, geographically, and in time has been solved, and the quality of training has been improved. In 2020, the Academy has organized training for more than 50,000 managers of general education institutions through the Viettel SmartLMS system; in which there are 4,000 managers of core general education institutions and 46,000 managers of mass general education institutions.

With Viettel SmartLMS, all learning materials used in training are digitized on the same platform and operated by Viettel's information technology engineers, ensuring absolute safety and security. In particular, with the infrastructure owned by Viettel, all regular training programs are operated and deployed smoothly with a large number of students accessing simultaneously.


Pham Anh Duc, Deputy General Director of Viettel Solutions said: “With the pioneering mission of creating a digital society, Viettel has researched and developed a complete ecosystem of educational solutions, aiming to improve quality education in regions across the country. We are committed to always accompanying the digital transformation process of the Academy of Education Management, sharing experiences and digital management skills, and improving the school's training efficiency."

Viettel SmartLMS system is considered as a piece of Viettel's Education Sector Digital Transformation Ecosystem, meeting the requirements of interoperability and synchronization with the general database of the whole education industry and with other platforms in the same industry. Ecosystem. Viettel SmartLMS not only helps schools with tools to manage online learning materials but also a useful tool for teachers nationwide to actively improve their professional qualifications.