Viettel Solutions continues to win big at IBA Stevie Awards 2021

Monday, 30/08/2021, 10:08 (GMT + 7)

With the practical values ​​brought to the community, Viettel Solutions' solutions continue to be highly appreciated at the International Business Awards - IBA Stevie Awards 2021. Accordingly, Viettel Solutions is the most honored unit in Viettel Group with 5 awards.

Viettel - giai-thuong-stevie-awards

Its contribution to the digital transformation of the health sector, the telehealth support and consulting platform (Telehealth) was honored with the Gold Award for the most innovative value system. The system is highly appreciated for using Vietnamese wisdom, creating a new revolution in the healthcare industry, bringing high value to the community and society. Previously, Telehealth also won Gold at IT World Awards 2021 and Provider of the Year at Real IT World 2021 by deploying Telehealth connectivity to more than 1,000 medical facilities in a record time of fewer than 45 days.


With the goal that every citizen has a smart health assistant, the Digital Health Solutions Ecosystem won the Silver Award in the category of Healthcare Technology Solutions. This ecosystem is rated No. 1 in Vietnam with 22 products and services being successfully deployed in 4 areas: Preventive Medicine, Pharmacy, Food Safety, Public Administration Management; providing services to nearly 50,000 customers who are medical facilities, pharmacies, drugstores, drugstores, vaccination centers nationwide. The Viettel Solutions digital health ecosystem helps to change the working method of medical staff to a digital environment, innovating the way leaders operate, towards paperless and cashless management.

In addition, Viettel Solutions won 3 bronze prizes in different categories, namely: Online Public Service Portal and Electronic One-Stop Software - VPS Cloud in the category of Business Technology Solutions; Intelligent Video Analytics and Management Platform IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics) in the category of Artificial Intelligence Solutions; and Viettel Solutions in the category of best performing organization of the year.

In particular, the intelligent video analysis and management platform IVA, developed by Viettel engineers, is comparable to the standards of major technology corporations in the world such as Google Cloud, Azure Microsoft... By integrating intelligence artificial intelligence into image processing, a solution to improve the efficiency of real-time intelligent video analysis, shorten the time to operate and manage AI models. In addition, IVA's facial recognition technology is the first solution from Vietnam to enter the Top 30 in the most difficult global quality assessment and measurement test of the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

In 2021, Viettel Group won 22 prizes at the IBA Stevie Awards, 4 times higher than in 2020, accounting for nearly half of the awards achieved by 13 participating Vietnamese enterprises. In which, Viettel Solutions is the most effective unit with digital transformation solutions that bring a lot of value to the community and society.

The International Business Awards - Stevie Awards is the world's leading award to honor the achievements and positive contributions of businesses and individuals around the globe to the benefit of the community. In 2021, the award received more than 3,700 applications from 63 countries and territories; Award results are based on the average scores of more than 260 CEOs worldwide. This is one of the most prestigious and prestigious awards today because of the level of expertise, size of the organization, and participants. The focus of the international Stevie Awards is on innovation, creativity, business improvement.