Training on the 24/7 operation of the Court Virtual Assistant Software

Wednesday, 06/04/2022, 17:04 (GMT + 7)

On April 5th and 6th, 2022, the Supreme People's Court held a virtual conference to train on the use of the Virtual Assistant software. The conference was connected to over 800 demand points of contact in the court system, with the participation of over 5,000 delegates from 63 provinces/cities.

tap-huan-truc-tuyen-pm-tro-ly-aoThe conference was organized with the aim of putting the Virtual Assistant to work online 24/7 to support judges in quickly searching for legal documents, guidance on the application of law for specific legal situations, legal regulations, precedents, and judgments with similar legal situations for reference; contribute to ensuring the correct and uniform application of law. From there, help the Virtual Assistant software become more intelligent through the use and feedback of the judges of the Court.

The Virtual Assistant software system was developed by the Supreme People's Court in collaboration with Viettel Group with the aim of digitizing the knowledge and experience of the generations of good and experienced judges; create an online virtual secretary 24/7, supporting judges in the process of researching, analyzing, and resolving cases.

Currently, the software has completed phase 1 and is ready to be put into use throughout the court system. The system is capable of quickly performing information search requests based on the questions and commands of the judge to support the work of searching and making accurate decisions, shortening the processing time of cases. More than 100 judges and experts have participated in the process of validating content, making the system intelligent through AI technology.

At the conference, judges were instructed on how to install and use, and practiced using the Virtual Assistant software on tablets and smartphones. In addition, judges can actively update and contribute additional question-and-answer content to the software to "intelligentize" the system, update and integrate reference information sources for the software.

pm-tro-ly-aoThe Virtual Assistant software developed by Viettel is seen as a powerful tool to support administrative justice officers of the Court in receiving and processing various types of legal documents; provide legal guidance and judicial prediction services for people in the future such as being able to answer about the crime or type of civil dispute based on data about behavior, legal situation, etc. This is also considered as one of the important solutions in the process of building an electronic court, demonstrating the determination in the digital transformation of the Supreme People's Court.