Viettel Business Solutions Corporation - Samsung Vina officially cooperated to deploy smart city solutions and online conferencing

Tuesday, 18/08/2020, 18:08 (GMT + 7)

In mid-August, 2020, at the headquarters of Viettel Business Solutions Corporation (a member of the Viettel Group), the signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement to deploy solutions took place. Deputy General Director of Viettel Business Solutions Corporation Pham Anh Duc affirmed: Viettel and Samsung will create new steps for the digital transformation process in Vietnam.

Viettel - Samsung - TTHT
At the ceremony, the two sides agreed to cooperate and deploy specialized screen technology solutions, especially applied in webinars and smart cities according to the trend of national digital transformation, and many fields, and other focus, promoting exploitation and application of technology solutions in the projects of the two sides.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Pham Anh Duc - Deputy  General Director of Viettel Business Solutions Corporation said, with a worldwide network of partners and leading strengths in the field of the telecommunications industry in the Vietnamese market, Mr. Nam, long-term strategic cooperation with Samsung will help Viettel make the most of the opportunities brought by the digital era. At the same time, effectively applying the latest technologies in the products of the two units, creating cooperation opportunities suitable to the strengths of the two sides, developing a comprehensive cooperation relationship in more fields in the future to bring new values ​​to the community, and society.

Viettel - Samsung - TTHT 2-1

Vice President Pham Anh Duc affirmed that, as leading corporations in technology and telecommunications, the strategic cooperation between Samsung Vina and Viettel Business Solutions Corporation this time is a testament to our commitment to cooperation. Working with Vietnamese businesses to solve current challenges, create new steps for the digital transformation process, expect to open up many new opportunities, and bring sustainable values ​​to Vietnam.

Ms. Nguyen Y Mai - Deputy General Director of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. said, with strength in the specialized display industry with a full range of high-tech products such as video walls, interactive screens, monitors LED… Samsung is ready to cooperate and exploit and promote the advantages of each side. In addition, Samsung understands the needs of businesses, partners, and customers of Samsung to be able to develop suitable solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers and commits to bringing the optimal solutions with Viettel for the business sector and its partners”.

Viettel - Samsung - TTHT 3

According to the cooperation agreement, the two parties will perform the following contents:

In the field of specialized displays in general: Samsung is committed to regularly providing partners with the latest information on products, operating experience, and effective application of display solutions in businesses. In addition to maintaining information exchange, the two sides will coordinate in formulating pricing policies, implementing marketing activities, making joint discussions and assessments of the market, and jointly implementing projects. The project is suitable with the potentials and strengths of the two sides.

In the field of smart cities and online conferencing:  Based on a variety of display solutions from Samsung and ICT platform for smart cities from Viettel, the two sides will jointly consult and implement solutions such as management solutions, working online solutions such as smart city operation center, security monitoring, information display, advertising, online conference system ... to meet the needs of digital transformation at management agencies state management as well as at enterprises in Vietnam.