Viettel accompanies the Ministry of Health to build a Health Public Portal

Friday, 20/11/2020, 11:11 (GMT + 7)

People can monitor the prices of medical services through the Health Public Portal. Viettel standardizes hundreds of thousands of data on the Medical Public Portal.

On the morning of November 20, the Ministry of Health cooperated with Viettel Group to organize the opening of the Medical Public Portal. This is one of the important milestones, affirming the determination of the Ministry of Health, towards the goal of transparency and public disclosure of all information on prices of the health sector.

Anh-su-kien Viettel - Bo Y te

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long, Secretary of the Party Personnel Committee, Minister of Health chaired the meeting with the Deputy Minister of Health, representatives of the Government Office; representatives of leaders of several ministries, departments, and branches; representatives of Departments, Departments, General Departments, Offices of the Ministry, Inspectors of the Ministry, several units under the Ministry of Health, representatives of several Health Services of provinces/cities; representatives of several information technology enterprises: the Military Industry and Telecommunication Group… and the Central and Hanoi press, radio and television reporters attended and reported.

The health portal provides information in 5 areas: Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Medical Equipment, Food Safety, Medical Examination and Treatment, and Public Administration. With the direction of the leadership of the Ministry, the participation of the Office of the Ministry, and related departments and agencies; Viettel has quickly synthesized, standardized, linked data, put on the system hundreds of thousands of medical data in a scientific manner, ensuring absolute safety and security.


Through the Health Publication Portal, state management agencies can quickly update industry data, thereby having a basis to promptly develop management mechanisms and policies suitable to the current situation. Thus, it will provide tools for businesses to look up product price information, compare and contrast with other businesses to have a suitable business strategy, improve competitive quality. In particular, the Health Publication Portal will be an effective tool for people to become supervisors for the health sector; Know the exact price information of medical products and services.

PTGD Viettel-Hoang-Son

Speaking at the event, Mr. Hoang Son - Secretary of the Party Committee, Deputy General Director of Viettel Group said: "Viettel is committed to always accompanying the Ministry of Health, perfecting features and continuously applying new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence AI, Chatbot in interacting with users, answering questions automatically; Blockchain technology to control information when communicating data, ensuring tracking history of the update process; ensure absolute safety and confidentiality of information.”

In the coming time, the Medical Public Portal will be developed into an application version on mobile devices, creating favorable conditions for each individual and unit to look up and update information anytime, anywhere, heading towards the goal of building a fair, open, and transparent competitive environment.

Over the past 10 years, Viettel has accompanied the Ministry of Health, bringing technology solutions to gradually build a smart healthcare ecosystem. Up to now, Viettel has joined with the Ministry of Health to complete nearly 20 systems to help people monitor and manage their health, proactively prevent diseases; treat and improve their health. Notable systems include: National Immunization Information System; The network connection system has a nationwide drug supply department; The National Drug Database Management System…


Pharmaceutical and cosmetic field: publicize 60,228 information on wholesale drug prices expected to be declared and re-declared; 41,389 bid-winning drug prices at medical facilities.

Medical equipment field: publicize over 15,000 price information of Medical Equipment and Medical Supplies, Diagnostic Biologicals, and information on winning bids.

Food safety: publicize over 28,000 information on functional foods that have been granted a certificate of registration for publication and publicity on food safety advertising and advertising violations.

Medical examination and treatment field: publicizing 1,900 items of medical examination and treatment prices Health insurance and publicly evaluating according to 83 criteria, listing information on prices of medical examination and treatment services of more than 1,490 medical examination and treatment establishments and 16,000 medical examination and treatment facilities. related medical facilities nationwide.

Publicize all results of handling administrative procedures of the Ministry of Health.