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Viettel SD-WAN

Viettel SD-WAN

SD-WAN là giải pháp thiết lập mạng Wan (ảo) trên hệ thống mạng vật lý truyền thống như FTTx, LTE/5G hay MPLS dựa trên phần mềm với độ linh hoạt cao, triển khai nhanh và vận hành thuận tiên hơn so với

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Nền tảng số nBox

Nền tảng số nBox

nBox là nền tảng số hoá quy trình nghiệp vụ của doanh nghiệp, giúp liên kết quy trình giữa các phòng ban với các tính năng: - Tự động mô phỏng và kiểm soát các quy trình trên giao diện đồ họa trực qu

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vWorkspace là ứng dụng giúp người dùng kết nối, trao đổi dữ liệu và cộng tác trong thời gian thực trên nền tảng điện toán đám mây với các tiện ích của một Văn phòng số, tích hợp các tính năng giúp làm

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Hệ thống thông tin phục vụ họp và xử lý công việc (e-Cabinet)


Hệ thống thông tin phục vụ họp và xử lý công việc (viết tắt e-Cabinet) được xây dựng nhằm giảm thiểu khối lượng giấy tờ cồng kềnh hiện đang phải sử dụng trong các cuộc họp, tiết kiệm thời gian họp và

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Viettel Managed Services

Viettel Managed Services

Viettel Managed Services (vMS) là giải pháp cung cấp dịch vụ: tư vấn, triển khai, vận hành khai thác (hạ tầng On-premises/Cloud, ứng dụng, ATTT) và cung cấp hạ tầng Public Cloud. Dựa trên lực lượng kỹ

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Sim Du lịch – Sim Hi!Vietnam

Travel Sim- “Hi! Vietnam” Sim

Hi! Vietnam Sim is the package for customers who are international tourists and overseas Vietnamese when traveling or working in Vietnam, which enables to make phone call easily and access Internet data in Vietnam with the most reasonable cost.

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myCC – Viettel cloud based contact center


Flexible, cloud-based Contact Center solution is for small and medium-sized enterprises. Meeting all requirements of communication, multi-channel customer communication. With an open architecture, myCC can integrate with CRM or other available systems of the enterprise.

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VCam – Dịch vụ viettel camera

VCam – Viettel camera service

Viettel Camera (vCam) is the combination of new generation IP Camera with cloud computing technology to provide solutions of real-time concentrated supervision, which has outstanding quality, saves time and development & operation fees.

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mOFFICE – Văn phòng điện tử thông minh

mOFFICE – Smart Digital Office

mOFFICE là hệ quản lý văn bản và điều hành tác nghiệp điện tử dành cho các khách hàng là cơ quan, tổ chức, doanh nghiệp sử dụng trên đa nền tảng (Website, Smartphone, Tablet, Ipad) với mục tiêu tin họ

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Tem điện tử (E-safe)


E-Safe digital stamp is a type of stamp applying the secret code technology and genuine goods authentication messaging system, which the clients only need to scratch in order to get the code and then text the syntax for search of product’s orgin.

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SInvoice – Hóa đơn điện tử


Electronic Invoicing service SInvoice of Viettel provides the solution for management of invoice on electronic basis for enterprises. Invoices are created, made, sent, received, stored and managed by electronic means; signed by

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Giới thiệu Giao thông thông minh

Introduction of Intelligent Traffic

1. General introduction Intelligent Transport Systems (Intelligent Transport Systems - ITS) is an advanced system of science and technology applications aimed at providing solutions, useful services for people and vehicles in traffic, helping

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Hệ thống hồ sơ sức khỏe cá nhân

Personal health record system

The National Food Safety Information System was built with 6 modules, deployed to the commune level with the participation of 3 ministries, including the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

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Trang thông tin Sức khỏe Việt Nam

Vietnam Health information page

Vietnam Health Information Website (SKVN) - Connecting for a healthier Vietnam is the information website sponsored by the Department of Preventive Medicine - Ministry of Health to provide official information and a variety of convenient tools.

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Hệ thống quản lý sốt rét (MMS)

Malaria management system (MMS)

Malaria management system is an IT application that helps to collect information completely, continuously and systematically about the situation and trend of malaria, fully supporting reporting, analysis and analysis data.

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Cổng thông tin tiêm chủng

Immunization portal

The national immunization portal was developed and implemented by Viettel in coordination with the Preventive Medicine Department - the Ministry of Health to provide official information on immunization knowledge and safety to serve people.

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Sổ tiêm chủng điện tử

Electronic vaccination book

The e-vaccination book is a smartphone application that helps you manage your and your family's vaccination records, history and schedule, in sync with the national and integrated immunization management data.

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Phần mềm nhắc lịch tiêm chủng

Vaccination reminder software

Immunization schedule reminder software is a utility that reminds, invites and synchronizes according to the vaccination history of each subject, does not need to be re-entered and complies with the standard protocol of the Ministry of Health and the group schedule.

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Di động trả sau

Postpaid Mobile Phone Service

Postpaid mobile phone service is a mobile phone service that clients pay the subscription fee at the end of each month.The postpaid mobile phone service includes the following packages:Basic packageis a subscription package with the prepaid and postpaid method of payment,

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Trung tâm điều hành thông minh

Intelligent Operation Center

Intelligent and sustainable urban development is the goal of many countries around the world, including Vietnam. In Vietnam, there are currently about 20 provinces / cities that have been implementing Smart City projects.

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Hệ thống thông tin báo cáo quốc gia

National Information and Reporting System

The National Information and Reporting System is the uniform and unified measure, ensuring the provision of accurate, complete, timely information, effectively serving the management, direction and administration of the organization, agency, competent persons;

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Dịch vụ hành chính công

Public administration Services

Public administrative services apply IT in handling public services associated with the state management function in order to meet the demand of the people.Public administrative services follow decrees of the government and the ministry of information and communications:

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Hệ thống tuyển sinh đầu cấp

Admission system

The admission system is the system for computerization of the procedure of online admission/examination in the city. The system helps enhance the quality of admission procedure, admission scale,

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Kiểm định chất lượng

Education quality Accreditation

Software for accreditation of education quality is an efficient tool in self-assessment of state from educational establishments through standards such as: Organization and management of schools, educational activities, and educational results…

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Hệ thống quản lý cơ sở dữ liệu hộ tịch điện tử


The electronic registration and management information system is researched and developed by Viettel to meet the need on managing electronic civil status database of citizens (birth registration, death registration, marriage registration, etc.)

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Cơ sở dữ liệu quốc gia về Dân cư


The national database on population is a collection of basic information of all Vietnamese citizens which is standardized, digitized, stored and managed by information infrastructure for state management and transactions of agencies, organizations and individuals.

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Hệ thống quản lý thông tin tiêm chủng

Immunization information management system

The National Immunization Information Management System is a system developed and implemented by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with Viettel nationwide, serving more than 14,000 vaccination establishments to manage the entire vaccination subjects according to the unique ID code.

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Mạng phân phối nội dung – CDN

Content Delivery Network – CDN

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a multi-server system distributed in many different geographical positions. Its task is to copy and store contents inside the website so that when accessing the website, users will download contents from the nearest servers of CDN.

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Dịch vụ Máy tính ảo Cloud PC

Cloud PC

Is a virtualization solution for both hardware and applications, which is researched and developed by Viettel IDC. Cloud PC provides a flexible work environment, enables data processing

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Dịch vụ Máy chủ ảo Cloud Server

Cloud Server

Provides a server on a cloud computing platform. Each cloud server is a separate system and operates completely independently as a physical server.

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Dịch vụ tên miền Domain

Domain Name Service

Domain is the identification of a website on the internet. The domain is often attached to the company’s name and the business’ brand. The domain is unique and prioritized for allocation to the first register.

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Giải pháp hội nghị truyền hình

Videoconferencing solution

Videoconferencing solution supports direct information exchange among people when staying far away from each other, from one place to another, from one country to another. When using videoconferencing,

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Truyền hình số

Digital television

Truyền hình số (THS) là một hệ thống phát và nhận tín hiệu hình ảnh và âm thanh bằng các tín hiệu kỹ thuật số. Truyền hình số Viettel gồm: - Truyền hình Cáp Analog: Là dịch vụ truyền hình chạy trên h

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Dịch vụ Trung kế số (E1)

Digital trunking service (E1)

Digital Trunking Service (E1) is a service providing connections between the call center of telecommunication service providers and internal center of clients. Each trunking line allows the establishment of 30 simultaneous calls.

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Dịch vụ đầu số 1900

1900 Prefix Service

1900 Prefix service of Viettel is a call center service for enterprises, allowing the reception of one or multiple incoming calls as well as via the only national telephone with the 1900 prefix.

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Dịch vụ miễn cước người gọi – 1800

Free phone 1800

Free phone 1800 provides the most effective solution to give customers professional advice on products and services. Companies’ customers can call to the companies’ free phone numbers starting with 1800xxxx.

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Homephone is a wireless landline phone that includes a SIM card inserted into the landline phone for customers use only and they can move the device within a certain range (with a radius of about 50 meters).

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– PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) is the public switched telephone network in which Viettel builds network infrastructure to provide landline phone services for users.

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Dịch vụ M2M

M2M service

M2M data service refers to the service in which customers use data SIM to transmit data to a server and a data center for operation, management and exploitation.

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Tổng đài di động

Mobile Call Center

Mobile Call Center is a solution that uses the mobile network platform to provide functions of Call Center, which enables companies to have their own Call Center without having to invest or install.

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Leasedline Internet


Leasedline Internet service provides direct Internet connection with a separate international portal, deployed on optical fiber infrastructure, being able to meet all the demands on speed of customers.

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Kênh thuê riêng

Internet leased line

Internet leased line is a service that provides the physical connections for customers who use optical cables to transmit information between domestic fixed points by methods for point-to-multipoint connections or point-to-multipoint connections.

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Officewan – Mạng riêng ảo

Officewan - Virtual private network

Office Wan is a virtual private network (VPN Layer 3) with the purpose to transmit data for businesses of multiple branches and head offices nation-wide based on MPLS/VPN (Multi-Protocol Label Switching/ Virtual Private Network) of Viettel.

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