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Mobile Call Center

Mobile Call Center

Mobile Call Center is a solution that uses the mobile network platform to provide functions of Call Center, which enables companies to have their own Call Center without having to invest or install.

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Registration feeHotline creation charges300,000 VND
Extension creation chargesFree
Subscription chargesHotline300,000 VND/Month
Extension30,000 VND/extension/Month
Call chargesIntranet call chargesVoice Sharing (public use for extension)
  • V1 package: 50,000 VND = 500 minutes
  • V2 package: 150,000 VND = 1500 minutes
  • V3 package: 300,000 VND = 3000 minutes
  • V4 package: 500,000 VND = 5000 minutes
  • V5 package: 1,000,000 VND = 10.000 minutes
In case of no package registration or in case of excess minutes, a call charge will be calculated by 440VND/minute.
Extranet call chargesUnit price
Applied to a common price that is 800 VND/minute (reducing 19.2% in comparison with the current postpaid charge)
Conference call charges440VND/minute Data charge = Data of the conference call * the number of subscribers when making the conference call.
Other promotionsIntranet calls amongst Viettel’s subscribers in My Client CenterIntranet calls are free of charge
Intranet SMS from companies to their membership subscriber numbersFree