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Domain Name Service

Domain Name Service

Domain is the identification of a website on the internet. The domain is often attached to the company’s name and the business’ brand. The domain is unique and prioritized for allocation to the first register.

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Domain name

Installment fee

Annual maintenance fee

Switching fee

Subject switching fee

.vn280,000 VND450,000 VNDFree950,000 VND .biz.vn280,000 VND330,000 VNDFree950,000 VND;;;;;;; .int.vn180,000 VND180,000 VNDFree950,000 VND

Domains according to administrative boundaries (eg:


180,000 VND180,000 VNDFree950,000 VND
.comFree220,000 VND220,000 VNDFree
.netFree220,000 VND220,000 VNDFree
.orgFree220,000 VND220,000 VNDFree
.infoFree220,000 VND220,000 VNDFree
Price table has not included VAT

Domain registration principles:

  • The domain name does not exceed 63 letters, including the tails of .com, .net, .org ...
  • The domain name only includes letters from the alphabet (a-z), numbers (0-9) and minus sign (-)
  • Blanks and special letters in the domain name are not valid.
  • The domain name does not start and end with the minus sign (-).
  • The domain name should be short, easy to remember and visualize, not confusing or mistakable.
  • The domain name must relate to the subject’s name and business lines.
  • The maintenance fee must be actively paid before the end of use term, otherwise the subject shall be responsible upon loss of domain due to expiry date without payment.