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  • Customers complete software installation but cannot print the sales receipt

    The reason is that the customer has not installed the printer successfully: If the printer is installed successfully, it can be printed from any software such as word, excel and Shop.ONE If the customer buys the printer due to ...See more
  • Why can product or unit created on software not canceled?

    The products and units that have been transacted (importing goods, selling goods) will not be allowed to be deleted because they may falsify the report.
  • How do customers do when they want to edit the selling price right on the sales screen?

    Customer must turn on the option to enable Edit Price (In General Settings). This section caters to flexible sales, product pricing is for reference only.
  • How do customers do when they want to debit to buyers?

    Customer must turn on the option to enable Debit (In General Settings)
  • No data synchronization error on Viettel server leading to unseen reports on website

    There may be 3 causes: Customer has not enabled the Sync option (In general settings) The Date & Time setting on the customer's computer is incorrect, resulting in Data Sync failure.…See more
  • Customers finish software installation, however, when it is run, the error “MySQL’s password is not true” happens

    The reason is that customers turn off the MySQL database settings screen (black screen) when the installation has not been completed. Note need to wait for the software to notify the database installation successfully and the color screen ...See more
  • Can customers use Shop.ONE on multi computers in stores/restaurants?

    This guide instructs customers to call 18008000 for setup instructions. Customers using software on computers 2 or more will be charged 1 million / additional computer installed.
  • Can customers without certificate of business registration register Brandname?

    Customers without business registration can only register the internal brandname. Request the branch to provide PYC (according to BM02) with the confirmation of the Branch Board of Directors to send to the TTKHDN to create Viettel's internal brandname. Instructions in section ...See more
  • Customers top up to buy packages?

    Log in to with your registered phone number and password (the system has sent to your phone number) Go to DEPOSIT to make top up using Viettel scratch card Go to CHARGE OF SOFTWARE PAYMENT to make ...See more
  • Customers initialize data for trial

    There are 2 ways to create trial data: Method 1: Create in turn by creating steps: Create SP group: Set up => product group => add new; Create product: Set up => product => Add new; Import…See more
  • Customers want to register for service trial?

    Customer performs 3 steps: Register an account on the homepage: After registration is completed, there will be a message to send the user / pass and a trial code of the service to the phone KH Download the software above home page…See more