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  • After acceptance for handover of system, how does the support for hospital look like in the process of use?

    With the form of package purchase: Free maintenance warranty period for 1 year, after 1 year time if the hospital needs support maintenance warranties will charge an additional fee. The ...See more
  • Does the software connect data, check information on check-up of patients in other hospitals in the same province?

    The software has connected to the health insurance data port according to the Decision QD 917 / QD-BHXH, also according to this decision, the software in the hospitals can check the patient's medical information, but on ...See more
  • Infrastructure server system is provided by Viettel or invested by the hospital on its own

    Viettel only supplies software, infrastructure and equipment of the hospital, invested and guaranteed by the hospital.
  • How much does the use of software cost?

    Applying policies according to dispatch: 874 / VTT-DVGP & 2126 / VTT-KHDN
  • Does the software support converting the check-up object from health insurance to hospital fee or vice-versa?

    There is support
  • Does the software support connection to centralized data gateway of the Ministry of Health? (According to Official Dispatch no 9324/BYT-BH)

    Responsive system (support for automatic or manual rendering)
  • Does the software support connection to portal of reception of health insurance? (According to Decision no 917/QD-BHXH))

    Responsive system (support for automatic or manual rendering)
  • How long does it take for deployment?

    Deployment time depends heavily on the close coordination of the hospital during the implementation process, but can refer to: - For provincial hospitals: Deployment time from ...See more