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  • How to handle when tablet/smartphone sometimes hang, cannot interact with DMS.ONE application?

    + Turn off unnecessary applications to save RAM and CPU of the machine. + Exit other applications when opening by pressing the "Back" key instead of pressing the "Home" key + Case machine ...See more
  • The Sale person invoices on tablet/smartphone but accountants have not received information on orders?

    The reason may be due to the following three cases: - Case 1: The order has just been created, it takes 3 seconds for the order to automatically push to the system or press the "Update" button in the right corner of the screen ...See more
  • Customers cannot log in on apps of smartphone/tablet? Common errors, accounting for 90% of total errors /responses DMS.ONE)

    + Check whether there is a Wifi / 3G network connection? + If you are using 3G prepaid, must check whether the network data is still available or not by asking to dial * 101 # and * 102 # to check if there is any ...See more
  • How can the version DMS.ONE be updated on smartphone/tablet?

    When there is a new version, the mobile application will automatically recognize and ask if the customer has updated it? Customers only need to agree.
  • Which browser can DMS.ONE be used on web the best?

    Recommend using Mozilla Firefox.