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  • The scope of operation is too wide (3000m)

    This is the radius for the GSM positioning method (when the watch does not have GPS or WiFi communication)
  • Forget the password for login

    When you forget your login password, select the "Forgot your password?" On the App, enter the verification code sent to the phone number of (via SMS) and enter the new password
  • Do not position the watch

    When the watch runs out of PIN, in the basement, or on the plane ... the system cannot determine the location of the clock, the result will return to the last determined address.See more
  • Do not receive notification from the watch

    If the application has a safe zone installed and the child is in a safe area, the system will not have an automatic notification about the parent machine. Due to the simcard account on the watch ...See more
  • Do not connect to the watch

    Check the clock has received the sim or not. Note that when installing the sim need to restart the watch. Does the simcard installed on the watch have the correct MyKID package? Simcard account on watch ...See more
  • The watch does not read SIM card

    The watch only accepts Viettel's SIM, please use the Viettel SIM provided according to the clock when buying, the watch can only be installed with the sim packages provided for Viettel MyKid. Check…See more
  • The watch does not turn on

    Do hết PIN, cần phải sạc điện. Nếu cắm sạc không thấy biểu tượng sạc thì cần phải mang đến Trung tâm bảo hành để hỗ trợ.
  • When sim card of customers (Sim Vtracking) is used upon account expiration, does the system send notification to the main sim card?

    The system has a warning when the account runs out of money and will notify customers to deposit money, ensuring maintenance of the service
  • How can customers supervise their cars

    Using the vtracking application installed on smartphone / tablet Access the service website: via phone / tablet / computer with internet connection ...
  • Which positions of car will devices be installed

    The best and safest place to install equipment is under the steering wheel. GPS, GSM antenna will be put on the taplo face to ensure mobile wave, satellite are not covered ...See more
  • How many types of Vtracking equipment currently provided by Viettel

    Viettel is providing 01 type of vtracking device that Viettel itself has researched and produced. This equipment has been standardized in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Transport and tested according to technical specifications ...See more
  • What are the benefits of customers when using Viettel’s service

    Saving and optimizing operating and operating costs of vehicles. Simplify management and administration. Enhanced safety features for vehicles. Meets Vehicle Management ...See more
  • What main functions does Vtracking product feature and what is its superiority compared to other services’ one on market

    Equipment and software meet the requirements of the Ministry of Transport. Track the current location and the journey of vehicles to 12 months on the server and in the device. Design ...See more
  • After acceptance for handover of system, how does the support for hospital look like in the process of use?

    With the form of package purchase: Free maintenance warranty period for 1 year, after 1 year time if the hospital needs support maintenance warranties will charge an additional fee. The ...See more
  • Does the software connect data, check information on check-up of patients in other hospitals in the same province?

    The software has connected to the health insurance data port according to the Decision QD 917 / QD-BHXH, also according to this decision, the software in the hospitals can check the patient's medical information, but on ...See more