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( - With the goal of "integrity, creation, and action", the Government is determined to build a paperless, less meeting to improve operational efficiency, save costs for society, people and businesses. Accordingly, government agencies must set an example in advance to motivate local authorities to implement.

Minister and Chairman of the Government Office Mr. Mai Tien Dung signed the number of documents issued right on the tablet mobile device. Photo: Hoang Anh ..

Minister, Chairman of the Government Office Mr.Mai Tien Dung, Permanent Member cum General Secretary of the National Committee on E-Government had a discussion with the press about this issue.

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.Can Minister, Chairman of the Government Office share the implementation of signing documents issued on the Document Management and Work Profile software is being implemented at the Government Office?

.Minister, Chairman of the Government Office Mr. Mai Tien Dung: It can be said that building an E-Government is a very important task to serve the Government's administrative reform in this term. 

.On August 28, 2018, the Prime Minister signed a Decision to establish the National Committee on E-Government on the basis of consolidating the National Committee on information technology application. In particular, the Prime Minister directly acts as Chairman of the Committee.

.This has shown the Prime Minister's special interest in building e-Government because this is an urgent demand, a "must not do" task to implement the motto - Government with integrity, create, act, serve people and businesses.

.Recently, at Government office, related units of Government office have cooperated with Viettel Group to urgently complete document management software and work records, complete the electronic document handling process, digital signing on mobile devices, handling work entirely on the network environment.

.Accordingly, the e-document processing of Government office is carried out in a complete, closed process on the network environment, from the receipt, coordination, processing, review to signing and issuing documents.

.So far, at the Government Office, departments, agencies and units have completely handled the work in the network environment, leaders of the Government Office, leaders of departments, agencies and units have used mobile devices (IPAD) to digital sign for approval that will help to shorten the time to process work files.

.This is a very important progress, demonstrating the role of the Government Office as a senior administrative agency at the Central to take the lead, example in the application of IT, solving electronic files, and implement the "paperless Government Office”, towards paperless Government.

.It can be said that building a paperless Government is a huge ideological change because we used to use traditional papers before; enterprises and people must meet officials directly; or somewhere signed documents but still not issued ... A paperless government will no longer have stories like that. All negative issues, group interests causing difficulties and troubles for businesses and people will be eliminated.

.Saving over 1,200 billion dong from electronic documents

.So how effective this bringing specifically, Minister?

 Minister, Chairman of the Government Office Mr. Mai Tien Dung: From the direction of the Prime Minister, to improve the institution in building e-Government, from the beginning of 2018 to now, the Government Office has urgently with ministries, industries, localities and Relevant agencies actively consulted to develop many important legal documents such as: Decree No.61/2018/ND-CP dated April 23, 2018 on the implementation of the one-door and inter one-door mechanism in the solution administrative procedures; Decree No. 130/2018 / ND-CP dated September 27, 2018 of the Government detailing the implementation of the Law on Electronic Transactions on digital signatures and digital signature authentication services; Decree No. 165/2018 / ND-CP dated December 24, 2018 of the Government on electronic transactions in financial activities. 

.In addition, there are also: Decision No. 28/2018 / QD-TTg dated December 12, 2018 on sending and receiving electronic documents between agencies in the state administrative system; Decision No. 45/2018 / QD-TTg dated November 9, 2018 regulating the regime of meetings in management and administration activities of agencies belonging to the state administrative system; Decree No. 09/2019 / ND-CP dated January 24, 2019, providing for the reporting regime of state administrative agencies; Decision No. 274 / QD-TTg dated 12 March 2019 of the Prime Minister approving the Scheme on national public service portal; Decision No. 168 / QD-GOVERNMENT OFFICE approving the Scheme on building information system in service of meetings and handling work of the Government (e-Cabinet); Resolution No. 17 / NQ-CP of the Government: On a number of key tasks and solutions for e-government development in the period of 2019-2020, orientation to 2025 ... These are important legal corridors for building paperless Government, E-government.

.With the strong guidance of the Prime Minister, the involvement of ministries, industries and localities, National Data Link was opened and officially put into use on March 12.

.Up to now, there are 95/95 agencies in Central and Local (including the Party Central Office, 31 ministries, ministerial-level agencies, Governmental agencies, and 63 provinces and cities) which have completed connection the document management and operating systems on the National Document Connecting Shaft. In the first 2 months of 2019, there were 12,257 documents sent and 35,360 documents received electronically via the National Data Link. This is a huge amount of text. At the government office, from March 12, 2019, electronic documents have been signed on digital and issued to ministries, industries and localities via the National Data Link.

.The implementation of signing digital documents for issuance, sending and receiving electronic documents, processing work documents on the network environment and via mobile devices has brought many practical effects, saving time and reducing negative, creating openness, transparency, bringing a Government with integrity, action and creation.

.Accordingly, the first effective thing is to reduce many stages, many procedures, not printing papers, sending copies. Normally sending a text from the beginning point of the Government Office to the localities is 2 days, now just press the button and can get it right away and submit with no cost. It can be counted in seconds, not minutes. The signed digital documents are as valid as a "fresh" signed document with red marks.

.According to calculations, only amount spent for photocopy, paper, ink, copy, scan ... has saved about 154.3 billion. Postage money, sending express documents, courier ... has saved about 575.2 billion dong. The cost of time and labor savings preliminarily calculated according to the guidance of the World Bank saves about 576 billion dong. Subtracting the costs that we have to spend, the use of electronic documents, connecting the National Document Connecting Shaft can save over 1,200 billion VND. These are all talking numbers.

.Can this be replicated in other ministries and localities, Minister, because it seems that many people still worry about funding, security...?

.Minister, Chairman of the Government Office Mr. Mai Tien Dung: As the current practice at the GOVERNMENT OFFICE for the Document Management and Work document software is the GOVERNMENT OFFICE leasing the service package of Viettel Group. Viettel Group invests and lends GOVERNMENT OFFICE software systems and equipment to administration, operation, supervision and safety insurance and information security. The upgrade and completion of the software serving the management work is done by the service provider at the request of the GOVERNMENT OFFICE, with no additional expense. 

.It can be said that the security of data and information is an extremely important task when building e-government.

.According to the plan, it is expected that by the fourth quarter of 2019, the National Data Link will be developed into an integrated national data sharing platform (Vietnam Data Exchange Platform - VDX) to connect information systems, databases of state agencies from the central to localities. Also in the fourth quarter of 2019, the National Public Service Portal will be opened. Accordingly, all services related to people and businesses will be provided through this Public Service Portal.

.During the implementation process, we always calculate the system safety and data security. We entrust the article to investors to ensure a backup system, plans to prevent attacks of hackers, malicious code ... and even application devices, transmission lines must be strictly managed. Besides, there was the evaluation of the authorities, domestic and foreign experts, experts from the World Bank, ADB ...

.With the current progress, when will the Information System be used for meetings and handling work of the Government (e-Cabinet), Minister?

.Minister, Chairman of the Government Office Mr. Mai Tien Dung: Currently, the Government Office is urgently deploying and determined to try to put into use the Information System for meeting and handling work of the Government (e-Cabinet) in June. / 2019, to aim to paperless Government. 

.A paperless government is that instead of having a lot of meetings, using a lot of paper documents, members of the Government will talk to each other electronically. At that time, at the Government meetings, Ministers and members of the Government only discussed issues with different opinions, or spent time to vote.

.When we came to survey and learn experiences in Estonia, the experts here said their Government sessions lasted for longest 30 minutes and there are some meeting only lasting for 5-7 minutes. Members of the Government came to the meeting to agree on the issue and press the fingerprint voting button. This is a good experience for us to build a paperless government.

.Currently, GOVERNMENT OFFICE is cooperating with Viettel, relevant agencies and units to build an e-Cabinet system with the support of domestic and foreign experts, and set up evaluation council for this system.

.This will be a big step in actualize the paperless government, when it comes into practice, it will spread strongly to ministries, industries and localities.

.Sincerely thank the Minister!